Vegetal Walls

The walls preserved vegetable , green scenario impressive beauty indoors or public spaces , is more than a decoration , they are true works of art that beautifies ecological and rest the eye of the beholder.

The visuals are extremely spectacular and because it can be used a variety of plants. Psychologically beneficial effect provided tenants or those who have the privilege of going through such a space is provided enriched literally . Preserved plants do not require special care , do not require light and are not affected by temperature differences or smoke.

Vegetal Wall Model 1

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Multi-Vegetal Wall 5

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Vegetal Wall Model 3

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Multi-Vegetal Wall 7

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Multi-Vegetal Wall 3

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Multi-Vegetal Wall 2

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Multi-Vegetal Wall 1

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Multi-Vegetal Wall

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Vegetal Wall Model 2

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Vegetal Wall Model 9

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