The word comes from the French planter, from the feminine form of the noun “gardener”.

Planters are very beautiful and decorative elements easily become an attractive place where they are located. When placing a planter in a space almost banal or ugly, it can become a vegetable oasis, a place where we want to spend as much time with family or friends.

Usually planters are placed anywhere outdoors: parks, courtyards or balconies. Plants and flowers preserved from 100% natural Sensoy allows pots and decorate with spaces inside. Because the plants and flowers are preserved, can be made any combinations plant can supply with plants and flowers in natural conditions not agrees the mutual or have periods of prosperity different, we can make use of all imagination I’ve to create a magical place .

In addition, preserved plants and flowers do not require special care or gardener skills. The lack of light, cigarette smoke or not climate change affects nimc plants or flowers in planter preserved.

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