Etymologically, the word “bonsai” comes from Japanese and refers to the art or science of growing miniature plants (especially trees) in confined spaces more than required routinely. Forcing the plant to develop into a much smaller space, driving and cutting branches and nurturing a suitable minimal water and fertilizer, bonsai growers get to print their impressive aesthetics.

After centuries of experience Japanese have managed to recreate the whole miniature landscapes, respecting the realities more accurately.
A tree planted in a pot, bonsai is really only after years of modeling and careful care. Tree branches that do not correspond to what is intended to be obtained are cut and shortened roots.

Product Description

Japanese school‘s favorite trees are pine, elm, maple, Japanese wisteria, juniper and larch or cherry apricot and floral. Perfect bonsai is one that, when it looked incredibly much resembles that bush, as it looks in reality, in its natural habitat. As bonsai, he will have a small trunk, gnarled branches and leaves much smaller.
For the Chinese, bonsai is more a contorted form, which is rather a symbol or some form than a real tree.

Bosaiul preserved Sensoya is 100% natural, but she grew accustomed tobonsai and cared for years on endit is created in our workshopsHe will lookfresh and naturally over a period ofseveral years without needing special care.
It is always an appreciated gift, and when you will be viewed as a kind of “remember” the moment it was offered.

Little bonsai print room where satidentity and freshness!

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