Washingtonia Palm Trees

Washingtonia palm trees, are native to northern Mexico and the wild can reach a height of 30m.
Have a rapid growth and the strain is particularly voluminous, more flattened petioles, spiky leaves large segments entirely. They look very nice even when they are still small and planted in pots.

Washingtonia palm trees preserved from 100% natural Sensoy is an option that should be considered whenever is needed decorating hypermarkets, large hotels and restaurants, conference halls or exhibitions, luxury residences, etc.
Given that preserved Washingtonia palms, even if you are 100% natural light or do not need special care, are ideal candidates when it comes to decorating a large interior.

Washingtonia Palm Tree 1

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Washingtonia Palm Tree 2

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Washingtonia Palm Tree 3

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