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The species of lichens are different, so we can enjoy more designs and exquisite colors, from white to ashes, but the model most often used is Cladonia Stellaris, a combination of mushroom and nut, making them give them a great deal of resistance, allowing them to grow on the ground, on the rocks, on the wood or even on the bark of the trees.

They are 100% natural, and production begins in forests, especially in the northern area, near the Arctic Circle. They can not cultivate, and their presence means that the air is extremely pure. They are harvested manually, with great care because they are fragile.

Subsequently, natural colors are accentuated by non-toxic stabilizing food pigments, allowing interior decoration specialists and architects to free their imagination, leaving nature to claim a corner of her in the desired space.

The interior decorations with Preserved moss lichen are fluffy with which can be made models, compositions or symbols, thanks to the palette of colors that includes up to 25 colors like: natural white - gray, green Brocolli, green Lime (May Green ), kaki, yellow, orange, pink, red, Burgundy, blue, turquoise, lilac (Lavand), brown, black, smerald.

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SKU:   POT1106A
Unit Price:   500 gr